About turtlespoon…

i’m sitting in front of the laptop, munching on Pringles, wracking my brain, deciding what to say about myself other than “i’m fat… oh, and i’m lazy too!” in a clever and oh-so-funny way.  so i’ll forgo the funny for a moment and go with the tragic truth.  over the past two years my life has been the equivalent of an amusement park ride run amok:  off the rails and hurtling towards the parking lot.  my husband of 15 years died in a car accident in 2009 and 3 months after that our home burned down.  lots of tears, lots of depression, and lots of weight loss as i tend not to eat when grief-stricken.

now the cart is back on the rails and the ride is going smoothly.  it has not yet come to a full and complete stop, but there aren’t as many dips and hills to make my stomach lurch.  my home was rebuilt and i am happily moved in.  the grief isn’t as prevalent and i’m learning to live as a single, middle-aged woman.  and as the strangeness of this new normalcy settles in, my appetite returns.  and so do those lost pounds.  oh, and hey!  they brought some friends.  crap.

so, here i am, sitting in front of the laptop, 100 pounds overweight, on the cusp of 40, unemployed, and hoping that i can somehow lose the weight without doing the work.  good luck to me.  i can hear the zombies now, gnashing their rotted teeth, their dead tummies a-rumbling…


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