you get used to it…

i’ve shocked myself:  i no longer drink any regular sodas or teas.  i’m strictly diet sodas and water.  and of course the occasional coffee (thanks to a lovely housewarming gift from Sugar Mama) or tea sweetened with 0 calorie sweeteners.

my dream is that this will be a lifelong change.  never again will i scarf down gallons of Pepsi or Mountain Dew.  nor any more of my beloved Turkey Hill Lemonade Tea (shed a tear over that one).

as of today, due to this change, i’ve lost another two pounds since i last weighed in at the doctor in October.  this is no big deal in the grand scheme, but without exercising or cutting back on the fatty foods, i’m pretty impressed.

hey… do you hear that?  that’s the sound of the zombies… falling just a little further behind…


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