the negative good

i have devised a plan for myself:  do something good while doing something bad.  the negative good.  i drink water with every meal… of fast food.  i am officially off soda…  but officially on delicious lemonade tea.  i’m eating more fruits… but it’s mostly watermelon.

come Monday i’m going to try applying the negative good to going to the gym.  go to the gym…  then get some Taco Bell on the way home.  oh yeah, negative good deliciousness.

i came up with this idea from two places.  first, i watched an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit where they discussed stress in today’s world and what people do to relieve themselves of it.  during the program they spoke to John McEnroe who said during all his tennis matches where he would yell at the tennis umpire (tenpire?) he was stressed.  but he would use that stress for the greater good.  he used it to fuel his determination and his game and it worked.  interesting.

second, my therapist discussed my negative ways.  she pointed out how i would say “i hope blah blah blah* will be a good time.”  then i follow up such statements with “but it won’t happen.”  she says this is how i always finish up my hopes and excitement about something i’m happy about or looking forward to.  i had never realized that i did that.  and after reflecting on it and talking to myself (as i do) later that day i realized that sure enough, i do say it.  all the time.  my therapist told me that i need to have the hope or the happy thought and then just stop there.  so i’m giving that a try.  then i told her that i wished i could put all that negative to some good use.  like John McEnroe, i need it to fuel my determination and drive and, of course, my diligence.

once i saw this program on positive and negative people and how they handled situations in life with those attitudes.  the scientists in the program put the pos & negs through a series of tests once thinking positive and then thinking negative.  the one test i recall was the pos/negs were told to play darts.  first they thought positive:  pos did well, negs, not so much.  then they thought negative.  guess what happened?  yup, negs did great and the pos failed.  there were other tests, but that one stuck with me.  essentially the findings were that it doesn’t matter which way you think, the way you think works for you.  and thus the moral of this paragraph is that i’m not making any sort of effort to become Positive Polly.  i will and shall forever remain, Negative Nelly.  and with the power of negativity fueling me, i shall make the changes i so richly desire.

so i will continue with the negative good.  as i endeavor well in each area i will eliminate all my bad eating/exercise habits.  soon i will no longer need to get fast food after an hour at the gym.  and instead my negative good will be that i don’t go to Taco Bell… but i got an egg custard snowball (snow cone for all you freaks).  or i don’t drink four glasses of lemonade tea a day… but i do have one glass a day.  i got bit by a zombie…  but they got me four years after the ZA.  see?  negative good!

i wish myself luck.  ta-da!  no follow up.  =)

*(for all intents and purposes, blah blah blah is never a good time.)


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  1. update: i did go to the gym on Monday. went and walked a whole 30 minutes. and it sucked!!! the place was mega-crowded and it was more humid inside than outside! my hair curled up and i sweat like i had just run a 20k! it was so humiliating (granted, no one probably noticed me and if they did, they don’t remember they did). afterwards i did treat myself to a tuna sub and a Half & Half Nantucket Nectar from Wawa. negative good. gonna try it again tomorrow. now i’m going back to sleep.

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