Lame Update

So I was trying to keep track of all the good choices I was making. Here’s a summary of last week:

  • Sunday: Had salad for dinner.
  • Monday: Went out to dinner, ordered a side of stir-fried veggies instead of the deep-fried zucchini I really wanted.
  • Tuesday: Went out again (I was away from home, OK?) to Bob Evans… had the pot roast hash – soooooo good –  but! I ate only 1/2 of 1 biscuit instead of the 2 they served me. Baby steps!
  • Wednesday: Salad for dinner again.
  • Thursday: Ordered pizza, but ate only 2 slices instead of my usual 4.
  • Friday: …can’t think of any good choices.
  • Saturday: Stopped at McD’s for breakfast, went for the mango-pineapple smoothie instead of the steak & egg burrito. Not sure how much of a difference that made, calorie-wise, but it felt healthier.

So that’s my progress. I don’t think I’ve lost a single pound, but… baby steps, baby steps!!

Also, wanted to share this, which I came across on



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