Fail Diet 2: Electric Boogaloo

like the original Fail Diet, i too have not been diligent about my diet (evilest word ever).  however, i have been trying to take those baby steps and make food changes that will help me in the long run (haha, baby steps… long run… i slay).  for the most part i have eliminated or cut down on those foods and beverages that most would consider “bad for me”.  although there have been a few exceptions.

for example, earlier this week, when i was (and still am) feeling awful crappy, i ordered some Chinese food and got a couple of orange sodas to go with it. or when i got a free soda coupon at the movies and got yet another orange soda.  now, i know some of you are saying “hey, Turtlespoon, isn’t orange soda still soda?”.  you would think so, wouldn’t you?  but this is not the case (for me).  unlike Coke and Pepsi and Mountain Dew, beverages such as Fanta Orange or Sprite or Mug Root Beer do not contain the addictive substance(s) that has me running back to them again and again.  and again and again and again.

then there were the fast food incidents.  i’m trying not to order in or go to fast food places… as much.  normally i get delivery at least twice a week.  i’ve been trying to keep that to anywhere between once a week to once every two weeks.  however!  the past two days i had Niece #2 and we got McDonald’s and Domino’s to feed ourselves.  in addition to the Chinese i got earlier this week that makes a total of three times.  before that it had been nearly two weeks since i had ordered anything or performed a fast food drive-by.  and because of that short hiatus, where i like to think i embarked on regular eating habits, my body tried to reject all that ChinaMcDominos.  not pretty.  not pretty attall.

but seriously folks, i am opting for water at all meals.  i’m keeping snacks to a minimum.  no more soda in the house.  granted, Turkey Hill Lemonade Tea has been the premier bev in the fridge.  however, i am trying to figure out a less caloric version of the drink.

hmm…  i’m beginning to think that this is more of a confessional of all my bad eating behavior then a testimony to the changes i’m making in my eating habits.

roll credits please.


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