tale of the bad Zombie Girl

Thursday was a day of rest.  i struggled over the decision to stay home from the gym fearing if i didn’t go i wouldn’t go on Friday.  or ever again for that matter.  i am that lazy.  but in the end my body demanded rest so i listened and stayed put.  i considered it a test of my determination.  and diligence.

my shins and calves and upper arms were sore from all the walking (swinging one’s arms while walking is surprisingly taxing when you’ve been sedentary for nearly two years).  and my jaw and cheeks were sore from having my crown fixed on Wednesday and that made my head all throbby.  so in the spirit of not over doing it, i stayed home and rested my achy breaky self.  with the exception of doing chores around the house.

however, when Friday morning arrived, i found it hard to muster the strength to get out of bed and to the gym.  oh the shame!  the guilt!  the failed determination!  and *gulp* lack of diligence!  i rationalized that i was still recovering; that perhaps my body was trying to tell me something.  i mean, i didn’t want to get up M – W, but i did anyway.  mind over matter.  s’pose it was matter’s turn to win?

eventually i dragged myself out of bed and ran errands.  and in the heat it was one hell of a workout.  went to the grocery store and was fairly proud of my choices.  opted for plums and nectarines over sweet treats.  didn’t even allow myself down the Forbidden Aisles (a.k.a. snack and soda aisles).  however, i did purchase a jug of iced tea with lemonade to quell the soda craving.  and even though i bought a bag of salad and some low-fat roast beef, i also got some chicken nuggets, bean burritos, burgers, rye bread and rolls.  so like i said, fairly proud.

most of the day i was mad at myself for not going to the gym.  i did my best to replace those thoughts with positive ones about me going back on Monday.  maybe even Sunday if my neighbor, Ms. W would like to go with me.  but i still felt bad for not being stronger.  and the worst of it is that because of my diligence early in the week my left foot doesn’t hurt as much.  guilt… creeping… back… in…

and so the tale of the bad Zombie Girl comes to an end.  let’s hope she finds her way to the gym on Monday and stays on the diligent brick road!

p.s.  this ZG would like her fellow ZG to please reply to at least one of the emails she sent to her this past week.  specifically the one about her purse.  she would also like her to pass on to a certain Mini Marshmallow (if she isn’t already aware) that Tom Felton is in the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie.  😉


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