Baby Steps, Baby Steps Backward, and an “After” Shot

I did really well on the Zombie Diet for the first couple of days. Salad, yogurt, fruit. Then I backslid. Last night I took the oldest kid to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Their salads looked (no offense) like ze sheet. If they’d had a delicious-looking salad, I would have ordered it, I swear! But instead I had pasta. On the upside, I didn’t eat all the chicken in the pasta. I really only wanted the pasta, so I pushed the chicken to the side. Damn waiter had to comment on it, too, like it was a personal affront to him that I didn’t eat the chicken.

On the other hand, I’m trying to encourage Oldest Kid to expand his horizons culinarily. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, and greatly prefers the known to the unknown. So of course I ordered a sampler platter as an appetizer. He did try a couple of new things, which is good. I ate all his leftovers, which is bad. But, I got a speeding ticket on the way home, and the way I figure it, if I hadn’t already indulged, I would have gone home and binged anyway, out of depression. This way, I got the binge out of the way ahead of time.

AND, we skipped dessert. The desserts didn’t look that appetizing either. Remind me not to go to Ruby Tuesday again.

"After" photo: Thin, size 8 bodies.

Finally, I have included a drawing (a la Allie Brosh) of what Turtlespoon and I might look like after we successfully lose weight. You’re welcome.


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  1. Ruby Tues is best known for their burgers which are as close to gourmet as our podunk towns will ever know. mmmm… burgers…

    you are allowed to slide. because the slide is fun every now and again. the swings are the best on the playground. we just need to get off the seesaw!

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