zombies & rewards & points… oh my

surprised myself and got to the gym again today.  didn’t think it was going to happen because the foot suffering from plantars fasciitis was THROBBING when i awoke this morn.  however, i knew that if i exercised it would help my wounded extremity in the long run (how punny!).  more positive (sort of) motivating factors include:

  • knowing that those zombies are still visible in my rear view mirror
  • new Zombie Girls playlist on my iPod
  • would reward myself with the black & white cups/bowls i was eyeing at Target last week
  • and more Z – O – M – B – I – E – S !!!

at the Target i got the cups and bowls,  a bag of grilled chicken to toss over greens for a salad, and chose a box of Wheat Thins Stix – Fire Roasted Tomato flavor.  the Stix are soooo YUMMY!  i want to eat the whole box they are so flavorful.  and they are only 3 points per serving for a total of 14 Stix which is a good amount of snackage.  next time i think i will try the chipotle-flavored Stix.  mmm… spicy!

finally, i discovered an Online Points Finder.  and it’s free!  now i only need to pull out my WW Starter Kit and actually adhere to the system.  but first i’m determined to make exercise a habit, then i’ll really hunker down with the system.  until then i’ll exercise and make smarter choices.

*thwarts zombies*


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  1. Excuse me. The correct pronunciation is Tar-zhay.

  2. pardon ze faux pas, mademoiselle.

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