Dear Sugar Mama,

first, i hope you made it home safe and sound.  i sent you a text but i never heard from you.  i’m going to presume you did make it safe as i would have heard from Fellow Slob regarding your whereabouts.

thank you for visiting me.  it was a super awesome fun week sitting on the sofa with you, pigging out, watching Glee and working out our under-worked diaphragms (i hear that in my head as die-a-fragums when spelling).  let me sum up the week:

  • i’m a dirty, filthy whore!
  • laugh, laugh, laugh, wake neighbors, laugh
  • woff-woff
  • laugh, eat
  • the food is good here, you should come back
  • eat, eat, laugh, eat
  • blog after blog after blog after blog
  • laugh, eat, laugh, laugh
  • big mouth, locusts everywhere
  • laugh, eat, laugh, eat
  • is this a parking space?  no, it’s the road.
  • laugh, eat, eat, eat
  • new car smell
  • sniff, laugh, sniff
  • beautiful treasure
  • laugh, laugh, laugh
  • toe… you know where
  • laugh, eat, laugh
  • baked potato
  • laugh, almost die, laugh, laugh, eat, eat, laugh

oh the hilarity!  there was a lot more but in my old age i can’t remember it all.  so here’s a photo as a reminder:

i’m looking forward to succeeding on the Zombie Diet.  i shall be diligent, embrace the successes, swat the failures to the floor, and keep the zombies at bay!

let’s plan for me to visit before you go back to school or at least meet at the Egyptian Theater for a movie or a trek around the mall.  perhaps invite a friend to join us?  we’ll talk.

love you bunches!



p.s.  did you forget something?


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  1. Oh that. Well, hang on to it. Or use it to line your cat box. Whichever. I’ll eventually be back.

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